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We have helped 1000's of businesses across the country achieve their goals by providing them with the working capital they needed to get to the next level. We would love the opportunity to do the same for you.

Every deal is customized for your specific industry. One thing we understand that traditional banks don't is the importance of your TIME. As business owners we do not have hours set aside for interviews, long applications, or waiting 90 days for an approval!

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Hybridge SBA Loan ™

The Hybridge SBA Loan was created from the demand of small business owners for a simpler, faster SBA process. If you want all the great terms and low rates of an SBA loan, but you can’t wait to get funded, then the Hybridge SBA Loan is the right choice for you.  Hybridge SBA Funding in as little as 24 hours. A 685+ FICO is required.

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Hybridge SBA Loan Success Story

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Startup Business Funding

A business startup is exciting and challenging. One of the biggest challenges when starting a business is getting any type of access to capital. In the beginning, having enough capital is extremely important to ensure the success of your business. Startup business loans from PFC/NBC provides the capital needed to help new businesses grow and thrive, regardless of time spent in business, or profitability.  A 620+ FICO is required.

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Credit Restoration

Get that 620 FICO to qualify for a Startup Loan or a 685 FICO to qualify for our Hybridge SBA Loan!

We have a commitment to Credit Repair Service Excellence that is above our competitors. That is why we have an A+ Rating with the BBB.

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Commercial Mortgage Financing

Our commercial real estate loans have helped companies all over the country get back on course, not only by improving existing business, but also in expanding it! Restaurants, distributors, retail stores, contractors, doctors, trucking companies and automotive services represent just a few of the industries our clients occupy.

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Meet These 2 Requirements for 90% Chance of Approval

$100k in Annual Sales
6+ Months Time in Business

8 Best Types of Small Business Loans for Bad Credit

All of the options below require NO minimum FICO.
They also do not require any personal or business collateral,
thus reducing risk and lowering your cost of capital.

1. Business Revenue Loans

One of the easiest options available for bad credit customers. With fast processing, flexible payment terms, set rates and no collateral requirements, these are some of the most common funding options that business owners use for virtually any need. Through our expedited process, we can secure you with funds in as little as 24 hours.

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2. Business Line of Credit

While not technically a small business loan, a business credit line works in a very similar way. A line of credit is given to you, which you can draw from as you need, and replenish the amount you take whenever you see fit. With incredibly flexible terms and large amounts offered, business lines of credit are hugely popular among small business owners seeking fast access to capital to take advantage of any spontaneous opportunity, or squash any business challenge.

3. Accounts Receivable Financing

Turn your accounts receivables into cash. This is similar to purchase order financing, with the added bonus of not having your customers notified. You can use this cash to help fund your customers’ orders, and bridge gaps in cash flow. This is popular among many companies that worry about protecting their credibility.

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4. Equipment Financing and Leasing

If you’re in need of new equipment, or looking to upgrade old or broken machinery, then equipment loans for bad credit from PFC is the choice for you. You don’t need to leverage any of your own assets to get your new equipment. Instead, the lifetime of the machinery itself is used as collateral, so no risk of personal or business property is involved.

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5. Loans for Doctors and Dentists

For medical, dental and healthcare professionals of all kinds, PFC offers specialized loans foreasily bridge gaps between slow healthcare payments, manage payroll, purchasing new medical equipment, expand or relocate, or hire staff – regardless of credit score.practices with any credit score. With this kind of business loan, healthcare professionals can.

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6. Merchant Cash Advance

Receive cash in as little as 24 hours in exchange for a small percentage of customer payments. Through debit and credit processing technology, payments are conveniently automatic, so you never have to worry about due dates. With rates that fluctuate to match your rate of sales, the less you make, the less you have to pay.

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7. Franchise Financing

Looking to invest in purchasing a new building, or expand or relocate an existing franchise? 

Look no further than PFC’s franchise financing for bad credit customers. We secure the largest offers with the best terms through our global marketplace to help small business owners accomplish their dreams of opening or expanding a franchise, without any credit minimum required.

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8. Purchase Order Financing

PFC purchases any of your current, late or outstanding purchase orders. Use the capital gained to bridge gaps in cash flow, stock up on inventory, manage payroll, or virtually any other business need.

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