Watch this video and learn how you can capture your share of the 45 billion dollars in gift cards that is laying idle in the US alone.
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Churches, Charities and Nonprofits receive a dedicated gift card donation web page for donors to enter their gift cards at NO COST. (see below)
No integration is needed to begin a gift card donation drive or incorporate into an existing fundraising event or campaign.

The National Multiple Sclerosis Society Gift Card Donation Page
Accepting Major Brand Gift Cards

Braandz gives businesses the ability to accept Major Brand Gift Cards as payment. Just like accepting a credit or debit card, our merchants can take gift cards (such as Amazon, Walmart and hundreds more) electronically and then get paid the cards value. This payment alternative gives businesses another way to get paid from their customers.

These customers pay by Major Brand Gift Cards because they have an existing card in their wallet, payment options are limited, they do not have a credit or debit card, anonymous purchasing, or they want or need to pay in cash.

Whether a merchant uses Braandz to accept payment for their product or service or if they are a charity, nonprofit or business needed to raise money, the Braandz platform will increase sales, reduce fraud, and provide merchants with a secure and anonymous method of payment. It’s simple to get started and there are multiple processing options to accommodate all business types.

With more than $40 Billion in unused gift cards collecting dust, in the US alone, and every major retailer selling their gift cards online and in retail, the market volume potential is enormous and growing.

Merchant Benefits

• Alternative Payment Method that consumers understand and trust.
• Real Time Transaction Acceptance and Processing of US and International Major Brand Gift Cards.
• Accommodate ALL Transaction Types - Multiple Transaction Processing Options

Merchants can also ISSUE and REDEEM their own gift cards at NO COST.

1. Gift Card Acceptance Terminal – Phone Order and Face to Face Transactions with No Setup Accessible from any computer, tablet or smart phone with internet access.
2. Hosted Page – Website and Ecommerce Transactions with minimal setup. Embed the hosted page into a webpage or application with internet access or redirect customers to your custom card acceptance page.
3. API – Integrate into an Ecommerce process flow, Website, POS, CRM, Software and more to provide a seamless transaction process flow for every transaction type.

• Send and store a transaction memo with each transaction.
• Accept Hundreds of Brands of Major Brand Gift Cards.
• International Major Brand Gift Cards also accepted.
• Accept both New and Partially Used Cards with a remaining balance.
• Real Time Transaction and Settlement Reporting which is downloadable and available 24/7/365.
• Searching and Filtering transactional data online provides fast answers to your questions.
• Balance Card – The Instant Issue Electronic Gift Card.

Never turn away a customer with a Gift Card that has more value than they want to spend If the accepted Gift Card Balance is more than the amount being spent, an electronic gift card is provided instantly as Change for the transaction. This amount is loaded onto the Balance Card and delivered by email to your customer to use only with your business in the future.

• Fast Funding
• Merchants are paid based on the full verified balance of accepted gift cards.
• Merchants can choose to incur the expense of accepting a card, or pass the expense (or a portion thereof) to their customers.
• Reduced fraud compared to other electronic payment options.
• No chargebacks to affect your merchant fraud score.
• All Legal business types throughout the world are accepted.
• Same Day New Account Setup available.