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Partner Descriptions:

Sales Partner: Manages the sale and enrollment of new Flexxbuy clients.
Affiliate Partner: Leverage web traffic, email lists, and contacts to drive prospects to Flexxbuy lead and/or enrollment form from an existing website and/or email marketing campaign. You Provide the Lead - Home Office Does the Selling!

Commission Program:

  • $200 Upon Enrollment, plus;
    50% of Residual Commissions For Life
  • $150 Upon Enrollment, plus;
    25% of Residual Commissions For Life;
  • OR; $15 Per Qualified Lead
Refer-A-Friend Promotional Program

Incentivize businesses to enroll with Flexxbuy by offering a $100 enrollment fee discount (reg. $240/now $140).
  • $100 Commission Upon Enrollment plus Partner level residual commissions apply.

Flexxbuy is a U.S. leader in providing businesses with a Buy Now, Pay Later alternative for their customers. It provides financing platforms and programs to businesses across almost every vertical, regardless of size, time in business, sales approach, and type of business location. Every Flexxbuy client benefits from the one application, multi-lender platform that makes it easy to extend payment options beyond cash or credit. Flexxbuy’s lenders will accommodate consumers across the credit and financial spectrum.


Flexxbuy can provide almost every business with a Buy Now, Pay Later Customer Financing Strategy.

Flexxbuy is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Every business is different and has unique needs. Our goal is to provide each business with a solutions package that best fits their product/service and sales strategy. And because we understand that customer financing is not your primary focus, we provide our clients with a Concierge Program that will tailor a strategy that best fits customer financing into your marketing, sales and support flow.

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All You Need To Know About The Flexxbuy Partner Program:

Are there any fees to join?

All of our Partner Programs are free to join and there are no ongoing fees.

Are there caps on how much I can earn and do the residual commissions age out?

There are no caps on earnings and the residual commissions are for the life of the client. As long as the client is active with Flexxbuy, you will earn commissions every time they utilize a Flexxbuy lender.

How and when do I get paid?

We pay enrollment fee commissions every Friday on fees processed the previous week.

We pay residual commissions on the 10th and 25th of each month.

We pay lead generation fees on the 10th of each month on leads processed the previous month.

Are there ever charge-backs on commissions earned?

No, once we accept an enrollment and their enrollment fee clears through, that account is commissionable and will not be charged back.

How do you know an enrollment or lead belongs to me?

We use a cookie to track clicks on banners or text links embedded with your account ID. It tells us that a contact form lead or enrollment belongs to you. For Sales Partners we also have registration forms that can be used to lock in an account.

Am I able to refer someone else to the Flexxbuy Partner Program?

Yes, we can pay an override on production from anyone you refer to us.

What do you provide to help me succeed in this business?

We provide everything you need to run this business. We have an entire Resource Center consisting of training videos and tools, marketing materials, scripts, etc.

We also have banners and other creatives that can be used on websites and other online marketing campaigns.

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