NOW is the Time to Invest in GOLD!

NEXT TARGET $1,600 – $1,750

Since GOLD broke the Maginot Line at $1,350, it has consolidated around the $1,400 level. The next target is $1,600 to $1,750. Once GOLD breaks out of the current trading range, we will see a fast move up to that level.

Right NOW, the $1,350 level has extremely strong support and the price is unlikely to go below that level more than momentarily. Don't risk being left behind in the biggest gold bull market in history. All the coming surprises will be on the upside.

Write this down. GOLD will reach multiples of the current price!

At this time, investors have two special interests in GOLD.

1) Positioning themselves for the coming major price move. (Mega Profits)

2) Protecting themselves against the massive risks in all financial markets and in the financial system itself when the price explosion happens. GOLD is insurance and GOLD is wealth preservation. 

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SILVER is much more volatile than Gold and therefore doesn't offer the same degree of wealth preservation. Still, we are likely to see a  spectacular rise in the price of SILVER very shortly.

SILVER is incredibly undervalued and depressed and once it breaks out, is likely to explode!

Below is a chart of SILVER adjusted for real inflation. As the chart indicates, the SILVER peak at $50 in 1980 would today be $840 adjusted for real inflation. That shows what the real potential for SILVER is.

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Financial Experts Past & Present Speak...

"Silver is the biggest opportunity
I have ever seen!"

- Robert Kiyosaki

"Gold is Money. Everything
else is Credit!"

- J.P. Morgan

"If there's one thing investors should buy right now, it's silver."

- Ron Paul