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A High-Risk Merchant Account Provider Offering Boundless Services

As a high-risk merchant account provider, our team at Platinum Finance Center offers secure credit card processing for online businesses, offline businesses and offshore merchants worldwide. If you are running what banks consider a speculative business, then turn to our reputable processors for quick, safe transactions.
Consumers expect your business to accept credit cards in a timely and efficient manner
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Why Do I Need the Service?

  • Increase Purchase Volume: The average credit card purchase is 3 to 4 times larger than the average check or cash purchase. Accepting credit cards as a form of payment can increase sales up to 400%.
  • Advance Your E-Business: Over 88% of all Internet sales are made by a credit card. Don’t lose out on monetizing your website, credit card processing ensures safe transactions via web.
  • Improve Credibility: Businesses that don’t accept credit cards are viewed by consumers as illegitimate.

Additional Advantages

  • Administration: Calculates liabilities, makes tax deposits, and files your returns.
  • Enhanced Reporting: Create instant transaction reports and keep track of available inventory with credit card processing services.
  • We Negotiate a Good Discount Rate: Typical discount rates for high risk merchant accounts range from 2.99% to 4.25% depending on the type of business you operate. A low interchange plus rate is important but a low effective rate is what you are actually paying per transaction.

What Sets Us Apart

  • We provide you with Credit Card Processing price quotes that are personalized to your business.
  • We work with your small business to better understand your merchant needs and can provide advice and information when needed.
  • We are certainly not going to charge you anything at any time - the whole process of finding the perfect Credit Card Processing and Merchant Services vendor for your business is completely free.

Merchant Account vs. Consumer Finance

We have a client that has set up both Merchant Account Services and Consumer Finance Services.
With Consumer Finance Services you have to wait for the job to be completed to be paid.
With Merchant Account Services you are paid upfront.

Our client tries to get the whole job paid for with his Merchant Account first.
If the card holder credit card account won't cover the entire cost of the job, our client gets what can be processed
to cover expenses and the balance using the Consumer Finance Services when the job is completed. Genius!

Platinum Finance Center is your one stop shop for Domestic High Risk Merchant Services. We work directly with over 25 banks and have been in business since 2010.  Platinum Finance Center provides Traditional (low risk) and Hard to Place (high risk) merchant services to ALL types of businesses including:

Don't See Your Industry Listed?  We cover all of these, and more!

Adult Toys & DVDs
Business Consulting
Collection Agencies
Computer Hardware
Continuity (free trials)
Credit Collections
Credit Repair
Dating Website Sites
Debt Consolidation
Fantasy Sports
Financial Services
Gun Sales
Hair Restoration
Home Furniture
Jewelry Sales
Law Firms
Medical Collections
MOTO Pharmacies
Pawn Shops
Payday Lenders
Subscription Services
Tax Services
Travel Agencies
Weight Loss Products
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